The #6 is a special number for me and the last six years have been absolutely wild in every way. It felt like a fun and proper time to enjoy the retrospect so I've compiled all of my favorites and I hope that you too enjoy the slow drive down memory lane.



In the Beginning there was Betsy & Ann Marie Cianciolo

And Then Myth Was Born. The name was sent by the divine one evening over dinner at Grapevine down the street on Orleans. We officially rebranded and reintroduced the gallery in the spring of 2019. It was great to have Scott step out from behind the wizard curtain and come fully on board in every way. And it's been great to see him push himself in various creative directions ever since.

Fun Resets, so many resets, so many paint chips, a lot of late night memories.

The Dollhouse was a gallery model that Scott dreamed up to help us plan and design resets while across the country.

The Coolest Unidentified Floating Shelves

The Greatest Neighbors & Friends & Regular Local Flavor Characters

So Many Fun Events

Prime Parade Viewing- Easter, Barkus, & Krewe du Vieux are my Favorites and we've had some mighty good parties and a whole lot of champagne runs.

Mail Call is the best. Nobody gets mail like Myth does. Scott almost always sends doodles and Betsy sometimes sends chocolates along, handfuls of beads tossed in the box, and sometimes even a handful of hairbrush hair. It's a surprise always.

When Valentinos Used to Come to Work with Me & All the Daily Dogs that depend upon us for their biscuits

When We Had a Gallery Snake Named Monty

The Holiday Decor


And Yoga

The Photoshoots


The Guest Artists & Pop Ups

The Time That the Prince of Monaco Came to Royal Street to Dedicate a Plaque to His Aunt, Princess Alice

We Made T-Shirts

And We Made Books

And Pillow Shams