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I am currently reading a book that the MUFON WI director recommended. There are lots of first hand sighting reports of ORBS (not ghost ORBS) in the book. These sightings have been rapidly increasing over the past few years. Some things in these reports were right on the money with our experience. The anomalous lights were silent, they were interacting with other planes (military?), there were loud rumbling sounds, there was an AMBER color associated with the lights, our phones reacted abnormally, and one of the lights specifically made a 45 degree turn. It was the real deal. This happened in Blanchardville on the night of the super moon.

My initial report to MUFON-

There was a VERY loud, rumbling plane sound outside. My boyfriend went out onto the deck of the house after our dog reacted to the noise by walking to the sliding glass door and trying to get our attention. Our dog established eye contact with my boyfriend and then looked up into the sky. My boyfriend went out onto the deck and then asked me to join him. I knew it was urgent as he asked me firmly and repeatedly. I went out and saw a plane’s lights heading west to east on the right side of the full moon. The plane was high in altitude and appeared to be a normal plane. We were facing south. The rumbling sound was abnormally loud. The volume and duration of the rumbling sound made me say "this isn't right". For a moment I thought a plane was going to crash. I went in to grab my phone and came back out. I then saw a new flashing light move from west to east toward the high altitude plane. The flash of the new light wasn’t right either. It was like a camera flash or a strobe flash. It flashed a fast bright white, moved, flashed a single flash again, moved, etc. The light moved quickly in the general direction of the plane and then moved below and beyond it towards the east. The light then made a quick, tight u-turn and headed back to the west. It moved across the sky and then moved along the tree line and disappeared. This light moved across a 60 degree section of the sky and back in a few seconds. The way it flashed a bright light when it was closest to us was almost stunning. Very bright and white. When this occurred I said to my boyfriend something along the lines of "Holy Shit, something is going on". The complete movement of the light took it under and to the east of the full moon and then back again.

My boyfriend saw more of these lights when he went out just prior to me. He saw what he said were "way too many lights and planes in one section of the sky." He mentioned seeing one amber light make a 45 degree angle turn. That is when he strongly urged me to get onto the deck. My boyfriend is rather skeptical about most unexplained phenomena and he considers this event to be a sighting of something anomalous. When he first went onto the deck he thought there were planes with regular lights in addition to the anomalous bright lights. He felt the anomalous lights were reacting to something by the way they moved.

I thought I was taking a video after I grabbed my phone, but one wasn’t recorded (I may have hit the wrong button). My boyfriend's phone was dead this morning. He feels that there still should have been some battery charge left in the device.

My boyfriend of 19 years and I are professional artists. We were staying at my mother’s house in rural WI for a couple of nights in order to observe the super moon. We live in Rockford, IL. I have been fascinated with UFO's since childhood. They are common narratives themes in my artwork.

On Facebook today there was information about a MIG-21 being in the Rockford (IL) area last night. (I recently found out the private Rockford based MIG was NOT in the air at any time on November 14th). There were also reports of multiple fighter jets flying over the Rockford area and an unknown FAA plane landing at the airport.

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I have been a Coast to Coast AM listener for 18 years, but haven't reported a personal sighting before this event.

Official MUFON report-


Investigational Research: Two books:

The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of the Orange Orbs- Terry Ray (author)

The Memphis UFO Incident- February 2015- Lee Spencer

12/5/16- Calls to Lafayette Co. Sherriff and Blanchardville Police Dept.


FI ID# 20124

CASE# 80432

BGE: #17.28%

LAT/LONG: 42.807604/-89.843395

SYNOPSIS: On 11/14/16, at 7:00 pm, in Blanchardville, WI (53516) the 2 witnesses saw multiple lights in the sky and heard an unusually loud rumbling sound. They went out on the deck to see what was happening. They could identify an airplane at a higher altitude than the lights. The situation seemed to have affected their dog and cell phone.

The witness sent a video describing the encounter, which was very helpful. I explained

that most anomalous lights and objects in the sky are silent. Therefore, the rumbling sound is not related to the sighting.

OBJECT DESCRIPTION: The shape of the lights was unknown. There were very bright white lights and amber lights. One of the objects flew through the area, turned and flew back over the same area, and then seemed to descend to above the trees. The lights would flash sequentially. The elevation was at 37% and various. The lowest altitude was greater than 500 feet. The distance was unknown.

WITNESS STATEMENTS/INTERVIEWS: A phone interview with both of the witnesses was done.

One of the witnesses reported the way one of the bright lights flashed, when it was closest to her, was almost stunning. The other witness considered the event to be a sighting of something anomalous in the sky. The female witness has been fascinated about UFO’s since childhood. They are a common theme in her artwork. She is a professional artist.

The witness also reports there was an article on Facebook that a privately owned MIG airplane was flying that night. The map of the MIG’s course was from Rockford, Illinois to Monroe WI, which was 18 miles from Blanchardville. (Not verified yet)

WEATHER: The temperature was 51.8 (F) and the humidity was at 67%. The wind is from the west at 10.4 mph and the conditions were clear.

LOCATION: Blanchardville is in Lafayette County which is located in the southwest area of the state. There are several small airports near the location.

EVIDENCE/INVESTIGATION: Calls were made to local authorities were made but no other reports were made. The witness has attached a video that explains the sighting. See attachment to the Case.

WITNESS CREDIBILITY: Both of the witnesses are Professional Artists and were very

helpful and cooperative.


11/7/16 Burlington, WI 3:45 pm 9 white orbs

11/8/16 La Crosse, WI 5:00 pm 4 orange orbs

11/9/16 Kenosha, WI 7:45 pm 4 white orbs

CONCLUSION: Based on the information presented by the witnesses, I conclude that

the sighting would be in the Unknown-Other category. The rumbling sound is not consistent with the anomalous objects we investigate. It should be considered as a separate issue.

VIDEO ON YouTube (only for the investigator to get a better idea of what happened) I thought I was video taping the whole thing during the sighting with me describing it, but nothing recorded.

The DEEP END, but then we saw these…


The following information about Orbs is from the book “The Complete Story of the Worldwide Invasion of Orange Orbs” by the author Terry Ray. The book can be obtained from the Mufon Website under ArcStar Books and from the Amazon Book Store.

The object or objects that you reported were Orbs. The Orbs are extraterrestrial or interdimensional piloted alien crafts that cloak their vehicles in different colors that are

pleasing to humans. The reddish/orange range of colors seem to be the dominate color at this time. Orbs can be of any size from the size of a basketball to 100’s of feet. The Orbs fly the entire airspace of earth. When not flying the Orbs stay in underwater bases that are strategically placed all around the world.

Those piloting and/or controlling the Orbs carry out maneuvers and flight plans that are

designed to attract attention to themselves and be seen by as many human beings as possible. They do this by a) cloaking themselves in very bright and pleasant colors, b) choosing to fly over the most heavily-populated areas of the world at times of the evening when the sky is dark and their bright coloring will attract attention and when most humans are awake (8:30 to 10:30 PM), c) flying low, silently and very slowly to differentiate themselves from Earth vehicles, d) engaging in flight patterns that will attract attention, )making specific appearances on the days of the year when nearly everyone in the U.S. is very likely looking at the sky-just after the 4th of July and New Year’s Eve Fireworks (two days of the year with the most orange orb sightings, by far).

There have been no reports filed that indicate any violent intent by the visitors. There have been numerous sightings of the passengers and crew of the Orbs both on the ground sightings and through the windshields of their vehicles. The visitors appear to communicate with human beings without speaking. Our cosmic visitors not only emerge from their space vehicles to walk about the Earth, but also have entered our lawns, porches and the interior of our homes. There appear to be two types of visitors with either very large or rather small bodies. The tall visitors (7 to 8 feet in height) are described as being human shaped and are covered in a skin clinging black material with goggles. The smaller visitor also has human like bodies that are thin. Their heads look larger in proportion to their bodies.

In the opinion of the author “The Orb visitors will continue to intensify their worldwide

appearances until they reach a critical mass when the awareness of their presence is

general knowledge throughout the world.” They will emphasize their peaceful intentions and the benefits they can bestow upon the human race.

Sue Birttnen (WI MUFON Director)



9x6.5x7 Winston was a wild child who was sent to an off planet flight school at an early age. There she excelled at intergalactic spectral physics and amorphic projection. During her mid teens, Winston volunteered for a botanic synthesis which allowed her to flash evolve into a Mimosa Sentient. All of this background training and bio alteration made Winston the perfect candidate for a deep space exploration team. Today Winston flies her beloved rainbow ship to the edges of our known universe, sporting the Red Feather Holo as a reminder that eco sentience is the preservation status of the fleet. The materials that comprise Winston include an antique porcelain doll head, a glass doll eye, Brazilian Quartz Crystal (propulsion rods), an Amazon Parrot feather, and lots of contemporary and vintage glass beads and stones. Some of the stones and beads came from the collection of Tom and Kathy Wegman. This piece was made to honor the gifts this incredible creative team gave to the world of bead artists and beyond. The process on this piece is mosaic.

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