2020 Beaded Pony Shoe

2020 Beaded Pony Shoe


2020. The year or unraveling is held together with a zipper and the promise of change. Freshwater pearls enhance the idea of turning the grit we feel in our lives into the precious transformation of hope.
The darkness in this year of upheaval is contrasted with the white purity of love as fire Swarovski stones remind us of the Phoenix that rises renewed from the flame. May we all find our way through the challenges we face into the hope that springs eternally when we look inside ourselves with grace. This piece has been sealed with an acrylic clear coat for durability and ease of cleaning. These horseshoes are a special resissue of a body of work that Betsy began early in her career, nearly 25 years ago.


There are two hangers for wall hanging.

-Swarovski flatbacks and rivolis
-Pony shoe
-Vintage glass beads (Italy)
-Swarovski glass flat backs
-Repurposed zipper sections from Kathy Wegman
-Contemporary glass beads (The Czech Republic and Japan)
-Contemporary cup chain (The Czech Republic)