Big Foot the Hybrid Space Probe 2020

Big Foot the Hybrid Space Probe 2020

4 x 3 x 3 inches


This beaded probe by Betsy Youngquist is part of an interstellar space training group comprised of mineral/biological hybrids. Big Foot and his classmates are all Dream Spinners, with BF's specialty being non-phys being support and cross reality integration. One day soon Big Foot will be assigned to travel into non-phys realities in support of various cross reality objectives. Big Foot is a Type 2 Communicator with a specialty in dream support.


This space probe is made from many repurposed materials The adhesion technique is mosaic.

  • Antique porcelain doll head
  • Brazilian quartz crystal points
  • Swarovski flat back glass crystals
  • Vintage pressed glass stones from Kathy Wegman
  • Vintage woven beaded band (around neck)
  • Fair trade women crafted beaded rope
  • Czech Republic rhinestone cup chain
  • Glass size 22 and 24 Italian seed beads from 1800s


In the darkness of night we will find the light....Big Foot