Calliope the Clematis Flower

Calliope the Clematis Flower

10x9.5x3.5 inches

Calliope the Clematis is a creature who celebrates the arts and sees nature as the great Muse. She loves to get lost in her garden as she imagines her roots traveling down to the center of the earth and bringing back sweet nectar. Calliope's radiant color sings like a chorus as she and her sisters climb upward and bloom in synchronistic joy.

The materials used in the creation of Calliope the Clematis were adhered to the surface using a mosaic technique. The structure beneath the beads is an original hand-sculpted form. There is such a soft, gentle quality to Calliope's face as a balance to the glory of her pinkness! I kept thinking of sugar sprinkles and cupcakes when I mixed the epoxy clay together and selected yummy beads!


-repurposed porcelain doll parts
-antique glass doll eyes
-vintage glass beaded purse parts
-contemporary glass beads and stones (Japanese and Czech)
-Swarovski flat back glass stones
-Druzy beads
-French glass seed beads from the 1800s