Capricornus is a goat with his head in the stars. He is sure the constellation in the night sky was named after him, not the other way around. As Capricornus is a young goat, he is headstrong about crossing every bridge he sees in the hopes of meeting up with a troll. Oh, to be young and filled with testosterone. Be safe Capricornus!
Capricornus by Betsy Youngquist is part of an ongoing series of found object masks celebrating the interconnected web of life on planet Earth. This mask was made using wooden foundry forms from Memphis, TN. These foundry forms were used to create sand casted molds in Memphis during the first half of the last century. Parts for trains, ships, and streetcars were manufactured through this process. 


-Old glass doll eyes (Germany)
-Quartz hand carved Dogon beads (1000 years old from Africa) 
-Brass beads (Ethiopia)
-Swarovski glass rhinestones (Austria)
-Antique glass beads (Italy 1800s)
-Contemporary glass beads (Japan)
-Metal woven bead fragments from a purse (France)
-Repurposed wooden horse ears from artist Cathy Rose
-Zipper (from Kathy Wegman)