Cat Spoon

Cat Spoon


After recently prepping for a high school art student online workshop, I started playing with my beaded spoon samples as objects for further adornment. Fur, horsehair, and feathers found their way onto spoons. I re-imagined each piece as an object translating the energy of the natural world. My early love of Inuit, First Nation, and American Indian art, where natural materials contain inherent magic, was resurfacing. 

This beaded assemblage was made from a re-purposed spoon. The word "CAT" is actually written in beads under the eye as a sweet little secret.

In the mid 1990s I was teaching high school students how to make mosaics in a summer arts program. After work one day I came home to my mother's house, raided her silverware drawer, and covered my first piece of flatware using beads in a mosaic process. Still focusing on mostly words, these pieces have become much more elaborate. All of the base flatware is purchased from thrift stores, bought as used on Ebay, or stolen from weddings...but that's another story. There is a loop on the back for hanging.


-Glass beads, contemporary and vintage (Japan, Italy, and the Czech Republic)
-Swarovski glass rhinestones
-Glass micro beads from the 1800s (Italian)
-Repurposed cowrie shell bead
-Antique glass beads (Italy?Africa)
-Repurposed fur
-Vintage blown glass flower
-Ceramic skull by a New Orleans artist
-Antique button