Flower Tower Mini

Flower Tower Mini


Give me an eye, a piece of wire, and a small foundry form and I have a flower. Those three simple ingredients are the start to a personality that naturally unfolds as additional materials are added. In the spirit of Myth Gallery's current theme, Flower Power, these little additions to our garden of curiosities are so delightful to create. They are all a little fierce in their own ways, fighting for their share of the Sun. As we move into the second year of the COVID pandemic, once again I am finding solace in the garden and the delight of flowers. 

This is an American flower, filled with the hope of finding a fresh garden to plant herself. She just needs light, water, good company, and food to flourish. If she isn't put in the shade she will do well, just like all the other flowers who came before her. 


-Antique glass doll eye (German)
-Swarovski flatback crystals (these sparkle and dance in person)
-Vintage Italian glass seed beads from the 1800's or earlier (size 22 and 24)
-Contemporary and antique glass seed beads 
-Mid-century foundry form from Memphis, TN
-Cup chain from the Czech Republic
-Antique porcelain doll legs
-Repurposed antique white enamel on brass flower petals

This hand created form is embellished using a mosaic process. Eyes have been considered symbols of protection and knowledge through history.