Flower Tower Mini

Flower Tower Mini


Give me an eye, a piece of wire, and a small foundry form and I have a flower. Those three simple ingredients are the start to a personality that naturally unfolds as additional materials are added. In the spirit of Myth Gallery's current theme, Flower Power, these little additions to our garden of curiosities are a reminder that finding joy can be as simple as the smelling of a flower. These particular assemblage flowers are all a little fierce in their own ways, fighting for their share of the Sun. As we move into the second year of the COVID pandemic, once again I am finding solace in the garden and the delight of flowers. 

This Flower Tower Mini has moveable petals. As you gently change their position the flower changes her personality. 


-Antique glass doll eye (German)
-Swarovski flatback crystals (these sparkle and dance in person)
-Vintage Italian glass seed beads from the 1800's or earlier (size 22 and 24)
-Contemporary glass seed beads from the Czech Republic
-Mid-century foundry form from Memphis, TN.
-Old zipper from Kathy Wegman
-Antique French wire flower petals.

This hand created form is embellished using a mosaic process. Eyes have been considered symbols of protection and knowledge through history.