Gargoyles by Betsy Youngquist

Gargoyles by Betsy Youngquist



Gargoyles by Betsy Youngquist and R. Scott Long is an endearing study of the monster as a vulnerable soul. Our little friend is timid and delightfully wicked at the same time. He loves to guard Cathedrals and recently visited Paris for an art exhibition sponsored by Hey ! at the Halle St. Pierre Museum there. This intricate piece has human elements sprinkled through his dark fur. Abdominal muscles, buttocks, hands, eyes, and even his penis were made from repurposed doll parts and show the vulnerability that we all share in our human earth suits. Gargoyles has a sweetness about him that transcends the nature we ascribe to gargoyles. He yearns to be understood as a friend not a foe, and wants to believe that about himself as well. Am I bad? Am I good? Questions most of us have pondered about ourselves. The beads and stones on this piece are mostly vintage glass. When Gargoyles sits on a mirror you can see his underparts. The surface was covered using a mosaic process. This is a truly beautiful carving Scott created with great care. 


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