Horus the Poppy by Betsy Youngquist

Horus the Poppy by Betsy Youngquist

8x8.5x3 inches

Horus the Poppy is a wall-hanging flower who loves to dream of quietly Sun basking on flower-strewn riverbanks. Horus is an ancient Egyptian deity who is a symbol of protection and royal power, as well as the restorative energy of making whole and healing. Poppies also symbolize healing and medicine, in addition to the remembrance of loved ones. 

The materials used in the creation of Horus the Poppy were adhered to the surface using a mosaic technique. The structure beneath the beads is an original hand-sculpted form. There is an all knowing kindness to this human botanical hybrid.


-repurposed porcelain doll parts
-antique glass doll eyes
-hand carved mother of pearl flowers
-abalone flower
-vintage glass beaded purse parts
-contemporary glass beads and stones (Japanese and Czech)
-vintage African glass beads (Italian)
-Swarovski flat back glass stones