Little Monster

Little Monster



"Little Monster" by Betsy Youngquist and R. Scott Long is part of a new series of little monsters. Supposed to be colorful tadpoles when they were initially carved by Scott, these creatures became monsters instead. I realize my little monsters are about the fear and anger that arose in the summer of 2020, when a global pandemic, peaceful protests about racial inequities, and violent riots centering on politics all simultaneously peppered our land. As we all reacted to the trauma and grief  experienced through this storm of discontent, my little monsters waited to reveal themselves. Dark, slick, and creepy on the outside, these creature's inward journey is their path to peace, indicated by closed eyes. It is in the darkness that we see the greatest light. 



-Vintage porcelain doll parts

-Elk Antlers

-Microbeads from the 1800s (Italian glass)

-Wooden foundry form base

-Repurposed fur

-Vintage and contemporary glass beads

-Swarovski flatback stones


What is a God & What is a Monster?
How can we know what exists?
People believe things, which makes them real.
People populate the darkness with ghosts, gods,
heroes, villains, monsters, mythology, dreams, and electrons.
Believing is Seeing.
That's how we can know they exist.
Gods & Monsters are Real if you Believe in them.
So the question truly becomes, What Came First?
Gods & Monsters?
Or the people who believed in them?