NEW Wall Eye Pair by Betsy Youngquist

NEW Wall Eye Pair by Betsy Youngquist

Hand Blown Vintage Glass Doll Eyes

Antique Ethiopian Aluminum Beads

Hand Carved Shell Flowers

Swarovski Flatback Crystals

Vintage European Pressed Glass

Italian Glass Seed Beads circa 1800s or earlier

Natural Stone (Druzy)

Vintage African Glass Trade Beads (most likely Italian origin)


Eyes as symbols allow a conduit between ourselves and the force of LOVE that surrounds us. I intend for these eyes to watch over and protect wherever they find themselves. Stay safe. In love. New work created since the global pandemic began and ready to ship, this pair feels vibrant and tribal, filled with the energy of play and ritual as we embrace our connection to MOTHER EARTH. The eyes are surrounded by glass beads, glass stones, and Czech rhinestones. The underlying form is wood. These surface materials were adhered using a mosaic process. There are holes on the back of each piece for hanging on the wall.


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