NEW Wall Eye Pair by Betsy Youngquist

NEW Wall Eye Pair by Betsy Youngquist

2x3x1.5 each eye

Eyes as symbols allow a conduit between ourselves and the forces of wonder that surrounds us. I intend for these eyes to watch over and protect wherever they find themselves. They are veils to magical worlds. 


-Hand blown vintage glass doll eyes (Germany)
-Rough cut rubies
-Hand carved shell flowers
-Swarovski flatback crystals
-Vintage European pressed glass
-Italian glass seed beads circa 1800s or earlier.
-Natural stone (Druzy)
-Vintage African glass trade beads (most likely Italian origin)
-Repurposed mink
-Contemporary glass beads (Japan and the Czech Republic)

The eyes are surrounded by glass beads, glass stones, and glass rhinestones. These surface materials were adhered using a mosaic process. There are holes on the back of each piece for hanging on the wall.