Persephone the Hibiscus Magnolia by Betsy Youngquist

Persephone the Hibiscus Magnolia by Betsy Youngquist

10x10x3.5 inches

Persephone the Magnolia Hibiscus is a wall-hanging hybrid who loves the change of season more than anything else. I once abducted maiden, the myth of her abduction to Hades represents her function as the bringer of vegetation and botanical fertility each spring, and withdrawer of plants as the light diminishes each day in the fall. Beauty and the feminine are Persephone's floral properties owed specifically to her Hibiscus ancestors, while her Magnolia roots bring forth the qualities of dignity, perseverance, and the love of nature. Both sides of the ancestral plant influences bring forth purity. 

The materials used in the creation of Persephone the Hibiscus Magnolia were adhered to the surface using a mosaic technique. The structure beneath the beads is an original hand-sculpted form. There is such a beautiful curve to Persephone's petals, with a lovely layered play of beads. I see a little mischief in her eyes.


-repurposed porcelain doll parts
-antique glass doll eyes
-vintage glass beaded purse parts
-contemporary glass beads and stones (Japanese and Czech)
-vintage African glass beads (Italian)
-Swarovski flat back glass stones