Poppy Guru Flower

Poppy Guru Flower

Guru Poppy is a wall-hanging flower who is wise beyond her years. A full believer that energy is a continuum, Guru Poppy desires only to quietly sit in the sun and share stories of past lives with the poppy buds around her. She knows instinctively that nature is a miraculous pharmacy which should be utilized, ethically studied, and respected. GP’s, favorite songs include ‘(Listen to the) Flower People’ by Spinal Tap, ‘Sugar Magnolias’ by the Grateful Dead, and ‘(Nothing but) Flowers’ by the Talking Heads.



Guru Poppy was created using a mosaic process and was lovingly assembled with a multitude of mixed media elements. She is the first in the series “Flower Power” that celebrates our symbiotic relationship with plants, and gives a nod to the 60s revolution that brought our attention to the need for change. GP knows that LOVE is the strongest force in the universe. She is a guru after all.




-Vintage Victorian trim

-Contemporary Japanese glass beads

-Glass micro beads from Italy made in the 1800s

-Swarovski flat back stones

-Antique porcelain doll head with old glass doll eyes

-Woven antique beaded purse sections

-Hand carved mother of pearl flower

-Vintage pressed glass flower (Germany?)

-Antique glass buttons (from a generous retired beader in Forks, WA)