Quetzal the Hybrid Space Probe 2020

Quetzal the Hybrid Space Probe 2020

4.75 x 3 x 2.5 inches


This beaded probe by Betsy Youngquist is part of an interstellar space training group comprised of mineral/biological hybrids. Quetzal and his classmates are all Dream Spinners, with Quetzal's specialty being myth-based cross reality integration. One day soon Quetzal will be assigned to travel into the dream world and bring back story truth speak from that realm. Quetzal is a researcher who hopes to continue the work of the trail blazers who went before him and integrated the big wisdom from the various mythologies found in the dream stories. "Q" is a Type 1 Communicator with a specialty in myth-based dream support.


This space probe is made from many repurposed materials The adhesion technique is mosaic.

  • Antique ceramic doll head
  • Brazilian quartz crystal points
  • Swarovski flat back glass crystals
  • Beaded petals from an antique French flower
  • Vintage Ethiopian brass beads
  • Fair trade women crafted beaded rope
  • Czech Republic rhinestone cup chain
  • Repurposed coat fur
  • Contemporary glass beads from the Czech Republic
  • Glass size 22 and 24 Italian seed beads from 1800s


Seek, for only the seeker may find the truth....Quetzal and Edgar Cayce