Balance I

Balance I

Gouache on paper by Lynn Fischer 5x7"

Frame 10 x 9"


"The peculiarities of my works examine the barest elements of structure, exposing an internal logic which illustrates growth, duplication and abstractly divides and radiates. The temperament of these objects is often exaggerated and humorous. The works on paper reveal building systems, universal patterns and geometric order that are often found in nature."

-Lynn Fischer


Scott and I have been collecting art together for over twenty years. Most of the work is from artists we have, or have had, personal relationships with. Lynn Fischer and John Deill are artists and friends we have creatively grown with for over 25 years. The strength of our local art community has always rested in the relationships we share as friends and artists. John, a sign painter and custom motorcycle/automotive painter, has been actively creating and exhibiting his paintings and mixed media pieces for decades. Many of the materials John uses are locally sourced from the rich availability of cast-off and discarded relics originating in  Rockford's manufacturing past. John's work is largely self-taught and celebrates joining unlikely objects and images in an unorthodox unity.  In both his paintings and mixed media shadow boxes, John has created a unique and complex mythology through the images and objects that swirl through his work. This symbolism explores both personal and universal truths simultaneously. Lynn is a college instructor who founded the ceramics program at Rock Valley College in Rockford, IL. There is an incredible richness to Lynn's highly pigmented painting surfaces that incorporates both the opaque and translucent layering of color. This new body of gouache paintings is a continuation of the organic forms, often organ-like, that Lynn has created in clay since the 1990s. Lynn's work finds order in the chaos of our biological experience.

Betsy Youngquist, July 2020