Ring #2

Ring #2

Gouache on paper by Lynn Fischer 10 x 8

Frame – 14 x 10 inches


This delightful gouache painting by Lynn Fisher explores the concept of systems. There is such a sweetness to the painted surfaces of these concept studies. 


"My entire adult life has centered around clay. My explorations in sculpture and pottery are a significant part of my professional and teaching career. Drawing and Painting have also been an important part of my practice. My sculpture and works on paper are linked and share many of the same concerns. 

The relationship between the whole and its parts has been an important aspect of my work. My methodology behind the work center on interests of abstract forms which often resembles skeletal systems, architecture, and other systematic organizational processes. These objects vary in forms and structure and imply their mode of life. The peculiarities of my works examine the barest elements of structure, exposing an internal logic which illustrates growth, duplication and abstractly divides and radiates.  The temperament of these objects is often exaggerated and humorous.  The works on paper reveal building systems, universal patterns and geometric order that are often found in nature. In looking for balance and variation one works leads me to the next. Each work has a connection and a destination. 

The paintings on paper have a given title of identity that is linked to information that may trigger one to look closer. 

My process is simple and direct. I begin each painting with a brief outline or thought. I work with gouache on the paper. I try to move through the painting reacting to the action before.    Gouache is a water based medium like watercolor. Working with gouache is a bit different. This medium tends to be opaque and a bit thicker and dries quickly.  Each work on paper is created with layers of pigment.  What I love about gouache is its intensity in color. Color helps play with the spatial distributions of form and provides a variety of perceptual effects."

Lynn Fisher Carlson