Sea Monkey

Sea Monkey


Mermonkey the Sea Monkey is a hybrid who carries with him the genes of monkeys, tarpons, and humans. The rest of this sea creature's surface is covered in glass beads and glass stones using a mosaic process. Mermonkey was born on Fat Tuesday, and so thinks he is a Mardi Gras king. I don't have the heart to tell him such things can't be self-declared. He understandably thought all the beads that were being thrown were in celebration of his birth. Silly hybrid. This piece hangs on the wall and has a fun and playful personality.


-Glass antique doll eyes
-Swarovski fatback glass stones
-Vintage glass stones
-Vintage French sequins
-Antique glass micro beads (Italian from the 1800s)
-Old porcelain doll parts
-Contemporary glass beads (Japan and the Czech Republic)
-Repurposed fur from a vintage hat