Teared Up with Feathers by Betsy Youngquist and R. Scott Long

Teared Up with Feathers by Betsy Youngquist and R. Scott Long

Teared Up with Feathers The Parade Series 11x4x4


The PARADE Series is about how we grapple with the fear of the unknown during a time of human crisis, and the silver linings that can shine so brightly. While self-quarantined, I started to make little dolls and a giant beaded PEEP. Then the idea of making a parade for Easter 2020 (my 55th birthday) while sheltering in place popped into my mind and stuck. The parade ensemble became the 800 block of Royal Street in New Orleans, where a Gay Easter Parade usually passes by Myth Gallery's open doors. Teared Up with feathers started as an egg with an eye in it for the easter parade theme. However, I kept wanting to make a small tear coming out of the eye and with the help of R. Scott Long the tear grew until it was a flowing form supporting the eye egg. Teared Up with Feathers was made from a variety of repurposed materials.


  • Antique beaded purse scraps
  • Glass Italian seed beads circa 1800
  • Old assorted glass beads and stones, European
  • Swarovski flatback crystals
  • Parrot feathers from a Louisiana resident who gifted her bird's feathers to Betsy
  • Contemporary glass beads from Japan and the Czech Republic
  • Rhinestone chain from the Czech Republic
  • Mid Century wooden foundry pattern base from Memphis, TN.
  • A contemporary human resin eye
  • All materials were hand placed using a mosaic technique.


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