The Seed Whisperer

The Seed Whisperer

39X30X10 Inches


The Seed Whisperer is the third piece in the Women of the Woods series. A forest Goddess or Fairy, The Seed Whisperer functions as an energetic component of spring's renewal. It is her task to gently awaken the seeds when the time presents itself. She is a component of the Mother Goddess and stands as a symbol of renewal and the return of light. The spiraling pattern on her dress represents the energy of unfoldment as the seeds draw energy from their environment and head toward the light. The eye in the center of her chest at the position of the heart radiates the knowledge that comes from seeing with the heart or seeing through love. The Seed Whisperer's antlers and ears tell us of her embodiment of the stag, a sacred animal with the spirit of gentleness and softness, a messenger, a shaman, and femininity personified.


More Info- The SW's face is from an antique porcelain doll part, as are her hands. This piece can sit on her floral wall shelf or stand alone. (Floral Shelf sold separately. Please inquire with gallery for details.) Her rhinestones embedded antlers connect her to the creatures in the woods and the stars above. A number of mosaic techniques were used in the creation of this piece. Glass beads, antique brass beads and glass stones sparkle on her dress and head. 


NOTE: This item requires special handling and shipping setup: we will handle this item as a separate shipping arrangement and charge. Please contact the gallery after purchase to arrange delivery: or 504.513.8312