Toast of the Town | Fatherless Print Posse

Toast of the Town | Fatherless Print Posse

One of a Kind Print


50" x 68" wood frame


Fatherless hails from the US and is a collaborative screenprint effort best described as a “Visual Mixtape of Shenagination.” No two prints are ever alike. Influences are many and certainly captured by what we have coined as a “Rust Belt Power Pop.” 


After the balance of power shifted to the dark side, the defending of lies with the now infamous term “Alternative Facts” sparked us into action. This exhibition was a direct response to our current situation at home and abroad. Images of war, inequalities, and greed are all represented and play a part in our work. Asking the questions ‘How did we get here?’ and ‘What can we do to make a change?’ And simply looking to maintain some level of sanity during those chaotic times.