Urchin the Hybrid Space Probe 2020

Urchin the Hybrid Space Probe 2020

4x3.5 x2.5 inches

This beaded probe by Betsy Youngquist is part of an interstellar space training group comprised of mineral/biological hybrids. Urchin was sent to an orphan asteroid as his specialty in bird song cipher became obsolete. Dinos and birds were all designated extinct in their natural habitats and were only living as reconfigured clones in biospheres. Urchin knows deep in his heart that natural birds still thrive out there somewhere, and he is keen on finding them. As soon as he can slip out from under the watchful eyescopes of the robonannies he will be out there looking for his beloved birds. 

This space probe is made from many repurposed materials The adhesion technique is mosaic.

-Antique porcin doll head (Germany)
-Brazilian quartz crystal points
-Sea urchin spines from a research facility, lovingly cleaned, sorted, and donated by Amanda (Oregon, USA)
-Swarovski flat back glass crystals
-Vintage glass African beads
-Fair trade women crafted beaded rope
-Czech Republic rhinestone cup chain
-Glass size 22 and 24 Italian seed beads from 1800s
-Donated petite shells
-Tail feather (African Grey Parrot)
-Druzy beads
-Vintage beaded trim pieces